Moringa powder is a natural powder made from the dried leaf of the moringa tree and is a rich source of protein, fibre and antioxidants (1). Native to Africa and Asia, Moringa Oleifera – as it is scientifically known, is one of the most nutrient-rich plants in the world.  Over the years, there have been many studies supporting a wide range of health benefits associated with moringa, including the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, muscle growth, healthy skin and hair, and boosting immune function.

In this article, we take a more detailed look at some of the top benefits of moringa backed by science.

Why Moringa?

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Moringa has been hailed as a powerful superleaf, and for good reason! The leaves are rich in minerals like calcium, potassium, zinc, magnesium, iron, and copper (2). Vitamins such as vitamin A, B, and folic acid, vitamin C, D, and E are also present in Moringa (3). It is because of these that Moringa that it is commonly used as a supplement for individuals who are malnourished (4). It is also used as a potential antioxidant, an anti-inflammatory, antidiabetic, and antimicrobial agent that stops the growth of bacteria.

In fact, Moringa has been found to have 7 times more vitamin C than oranges, 10 times more vitamin A than carrots, 17 times more calcium than milk, 9 times more protein than yogurt, 15 times more potassium than bananas and 25 times more iron than spinach! With its high nutritive values, every part of the tree is suitable for either nutritional or commercial purposes (5).

Promotes Muscle Growth

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Moringa powder is a fantastic source of plant-based protein. Amazingly, the pods contain around 20.66% of protein content! The pods also have 30% of amino acid content, the leaves have 44% content, and the flowers have 31% (6). The leaf contains 9 essential amino acids making it a complete protein source, and it is perfect for those looking to up their protein intake to support muscle growth and to maintain muscle mass. It is also good for vegans and vegetarians who may not be getting enough protein in their diet (7).

Reduces Tiredness & Fatigue

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In the UK, 1 in 5 people feel unusually tired, and 1 in 10 experience prolonged fatigue. Sometimes this may be due to lack of iron or vitamin A. Iron is essential for the reduction of tiredness and fatigue in the body, and vitamin A supports the metabolism of iron ensuring a greater uptake.  Moringa provides around 32.2% of your daily requirement of iron, and has been used as a substitute for iron tablets to treat anaemia with positive results (8). A study conducted in 2016 on the antioxidant and anti-fatigue properties of the Moringa revealed that consuming Moringa significantly enhanced energy and performance by naturally increasing the use of the body’s energy reserves – making it a perfect pick me up during feeling of tiredness (9).

Additionally, Moringa can provide 18.9% of your daily requirement of vitamin A, and provides a natural way to prevent tiredness and fatigue.

Promotes Younger Looking Skin

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We have previously written a post on the benefits of moringa and the fantastic benefits on the skin!

Moringa is jam-packed with the skin-loving nutrients and has one of the highest antioxidant contents of any food (10)Phytochemicals such as flavonoids, alkaloids, and saponins are in rich supply in moringa. Saponins​ have antibacterial properties, as well as anti-cancer potential​ in the skin, whilst flavonoids and alkaloids may provide anti-inflammatory and UV protective benefits (11).  In fact, it has been found that​ alkaloids can improve the appearance of the skin in people with mild to moderate rosacea​. ​​​A recent study showed that after 30 days of using a cream containing alkaloids,​ 50% of people reported an improvement in the appearance of their skin​ (12)

The zinc and iron within moringa also greatly contribute to its anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties.  ​​This makes it a great acne treatment as it may help relieve some of the redness and irritation associated with moderate-to-severe acne, and help reduce the appearance of acne scars.​ Zinc has also been used to treat inflammatory skin conditions, including​ ​melasma, ​seborrheic dermatitis​, and ​eczema with positive results. ​Moreover, iron-containing proteins within moringa have specific functions such as the metabolism of collagen (13). A deficiency in this mineral includes symptoms such as an unhealthy pale appearance of the skin, itchy skin, and a predisposition to skin infections (14).

The topical application of moringa has shown to be very beneficial for the skin. A study on the use of creams infused with moringa extract found that moringa enhances skin revitalisation and supports anti-aging skin effects by increasing skin volume, texture, brightness, and smoothness, as well as helps smooths out fine lines and wrinkles (15).

Moringa is an excellent addition to the diet and a brilliant food source for healthy radiant skin.


Aids In Healthy Hair Growth

Healthy Hair Growth

Moringa is brilliant for restoring strength, repairing damage, promoting hair growth due to two of the rich minerals that are potent within it. These are zinc – which is essential for the hair growth repair cycle, and iron – which is essential for the growth and repair of cells, including cells that stimulate hair growth (16).

Enhances A Weak Immune System 

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Maintaining a healthy immune system is essential for helping our bodies fight off infections and illnesses. Thankfully, the immune-boosting powers are one of the best benefits that moringa is known for. Moringa has been noted as having positive effects on physiological and immune function, and superiority over synthetic antibiotics, due to its high iron and vitamin A content (17).

A study conducted in 2010 found that the extracts of Moringa can also act against bacteria like Bacillus subtilis, Staphylococcus aureus and cholera  (18)In the same vein, maintaining strong and healthy bones is an important component of overall health, and moringa leaves are a rich source of vitamin K, protein, and calcium, all of which promote healthy bones.

Aids In Digestion 

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The calcium content in moringa contributes to the normal function of digestive enzymes. Similarly, it also contains a good amount of fibre (around 46.78%) and can be used to treat digestive problems (19)The high fibre content can also help with weight management, as it helps you feel fuller for longer and supports a healthy metabolism (20).

Moringa – A Natural Gift

There is no denying the plant-based power of Moringa. It has a range of benefits for health including enhancing the immune system, anti-skin aging, hair growth benefits, as well as being a natural energy booster. There is no doubt that Moringa Powder is one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet according to science, and adding it to your diet may enhance your health in more ways than one!

If you are interested in incorporating this superfood to your diet, try adding the powder to smoothies or porridge, or having it in energy bar form, or drink it as a tea to get the potent benefits of this nutritional super leaf!

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