For as long as I can remember I’ve always had a FUPA (fat upper midriff area). In the past, I would work out and do cardio like crazy and while I would get really slim everywhere else, my lower stomach would always slightly protrude. Coupled with goals of wanting to get a slimmer more proportional waistline, I also really wanted to start curbing some of my bad eating habits, particularly my sweet tooth. I came to Stephanie first on a trial basis without much expectation (I had never been good at keeping to diets!). But after just two weeks on her meal plan, I have seen not only a noticeable difference in my waistline (no more bloating yaay) but also in my energy levels (and er bowel movements tmi?) The things I like about this service: - this is the first healthy meal plan service that I have EVER come across that has FLAVOUR! - The meal plans are less about strictly sticking to certain boring types of food but instead finding healthy ways to cook and incorporate the types of food you already eat e.g. brown rice instead of white rice - The consultations are really in depth and Stephanie is really attentive to my acquired taste buds, while still challenging me to try new things (turns out I like Salmon) - There is so much variety on the meal plans so it really doesn’t get boring The only thing to note/be aware of (not really a downside) and I guess kind of depends on your plan, but getting used to the portions may take some time BUT make sure to stick to it as at first I thought it was really small but eating 5 times a day actually adds up to make me feel satisfied throughout the whole day! Thank you so much Stephanie!
Solicitor & Travel Expert
Stephanie has been instrumental in helping me maintain a healthy and fit body! She is clear and concise, and uses empathy and encouragement to drive me forward towards my health goals. I was really impressed with what she knows and how she used it to help me. Her knowledge and specialist advice has helped me better understand what is required to keep fit and stay healthy with food. I would definitely recommend her if you want to lose body fat, especially without exercise!
Commercial Manager & Hair Specialist