Who am I?

Hi there, and welcome to Open The Fridge! My name is Stephanie and I am a Health Consultant. I specialise in helping working professionals lose weight and get to their body and health goals with affordable and life-changing meal plans.

I have graduated with a BSc Psychology & Health degree, an MSc Psychology degree, and an AfN Certified course in Nutrition. My professional experience lies within the Public Health sector. I am a passionate advocate for fitness and health, particularly food, nutrition and mental health.

I have been on my own journey for over 6 years now, as before I suffered from a lot of health problems and didn’t know why. Through seeking specialist advice, I found out that my diet had a huge effect on my overall health and well being. So as well as taking care of myself holistically, I plunged myself into health and research to be able to make myself better the natural way. Today, I am managing my health and I am the healthiest that I have ever been!

What is ‘Open The Fridge?’

Open The Fridge is a platform where we can share key tips using foods you are already used to and incorporating it into your diet and exercise, leading eventually to you making healthy choices without the ‘hard work’ label attached. 

I believe in all things good and all things loving and believe in the human potential to achieve. As a supporter of laughter, social mobility and continuous growth, together we can life a happy fulfilling life.  This is not just about losing weight, it is about having more energy, maintaining a body and mind that is free from disease and illness, enhancing your psychological health, and maintaining optimal health through nutrition and exercise and in turn, boosting confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth.

I aim to show you that you don’t have to do this alone. Changing a habit and maintaining a healthy mind body and spirit is a supportive team effort. People may give up on themselves a thousand times, but with the right support system you can smash your goals and achieving great things! That’s why I have chosen to do this with you as I myself are on my own journey, and I want to share with and encourage you to join me in being the best version of ourselves that we can! We can do this!