We know it can be a challenge at first to change to, and maintain a healthy diet and stay motivated, especially if you are on a tight budget. However, there are ways to save money and still eat healthy nutritious food. Below are 5 tips for creating healthy meals at home on a budget.

1. Start with what you have & Plan with those ingredients

Check to see what you have in the cupboard so that you have an idea of what you can likely make. This can also help you save money for future shopping.  Furthermore, planning meals for the upcoming week will help you to know exactly what you want to buy, and help you calculate how much you need to spend on food. 

2. Stick To The Shopping List

shopping list

Once you’ve planned your list, STICK TO IT. The trick is to try to shop the perimeter of the store first. This is usually where the healthy, whole foods are kept and will allow you to stick to your list.

If you usually shop online, I highly recommend Amazon Fresh as a cheaper and more efficient way to shop. You can get the same branded items from top brands, and they specialise in same-day delivery.

3. Don’t Shop When You’re Hungry

This is a no-no! You are more likely to stray from your shopping list and impulse buy when you are hungry.

4. Buy Frozen Fruit & Veg..

picture of frozen peas

Quick-frozen produce is usually just as nutritious as non-frozen produce. It is cheaper, and you can get much more inside the bag. Buying frozen produce will help food last longer, and you gain the advantage of being able to take out only what you’re about to use.

.. And Buy Generic Brands

Picture of cans on a shelf

The generic brands may be the same quality as other national brands, just less expensive.

5. Meal Prep & Pack Your Lunch

Picture of making vegetables

Meal prepping is one of the best things you can do for your health journey! It is especially useful for when those random hunger pangs strike! A good idea is to prep your meals for the following days ahead (ideally for Monday to Friday) and have some healthy snacks stashed in your cupboard.

Meal prepping for the week will save your sanity, time, and money when it comes to food! ..As well as investing in high-quality meal prep containers of course! ?

Furthermore, packing your lunch reduces the expense of eating out, saving you money!